The new solution from Viridix and Talgil will allow farmers to precisely plan and control the amount of water that goes to the crops


Two Israeli agtech companies to offer precision irrigation system. (Credit: Unsplash/philip junior mail)

Israeli agtech companies Viridix and Talgil have partnered to offer farmers with an integrated precision irrigation solution.

The new solution enables farmers in automating their full irrigation cycle starting from defining irrigation plans and ensuring that each plot gets the right amount of water.

With the new solution at hand, farmers can now define and implement an irrigation protocol which can increase yield.

Viridix CEO Tal Maor said: “Viridix and Talgil are a natural fit. Both companies leverage advanced technology to deliver high impact with minimal hassle, and it makes total sense to create a joint offering that delivers greater value than each system separately.

“Through this collaboration, we are able to close the precision irrigation loop and offer growers the advanced level of automation they need to meet their production goals in an efficient and sustainable manner.”

The solution can automatically adjust water within the irrigation plan

The solution includes Viridix’s low maintenance sensors that constantly monitor soil moisture at varying depths in the ground. The system can analyse the data to calculate the required irrigation volume and timing and to automatically adjust the irrigation plan.

Talgil’s irrigation control system can then implement the plan, offering the right amount of water to the plants. The controllers in the system are claimed to be so precise that no matter how many plots a farmer cultivates, each plot receives the exact amount of water that it needs.

Talgil deputy general manager Yosee Ochman said: “The collaboration with Viridix adds another important dimension to the value we deliver to our customers: data. Now our customers no longer have to manually calculate irrigation plans for different plots, or manually adjust them for changing weather conditions.

“Viridix provides precise and highly granular irrigation prescriptions implemented across plots. Real-time soil water-potential data also helps close the operational loop and ensure water goes where it should.”

In October 2019, Viridix had secured $2.35m in seed funding from the Israel – Colorado Innovation Fund, a seed-stage venture fund that invests in Israel’s start-up companies.

The funding will help support Viridix which developed a new sensor that precisely measures moisture content in the soil and a software platform. The platform is claimed to help farmers to increase crop yields while saving water through actionable insights.