The firm’s cutting-edge new-gen tech solutions consist of three models of the XAG agricultural drone and two editions of the R150 unmanned ground vehicle for broadcast and mower

XAG Launched Latest Innovative Drone Product at XAAC 2020

XAG has launched latest innovative drone product. (Credit: PRNewswire / XAG)

Chinese agriculture technology company XAG has introduced a new series of smart agri-tech solutions for easier and sustainable unmanned farming.

The new launches consist of three models of the XAG agricultural drone and two editions of the R150 unmanned ground vehicle for broadcast and mower.

XAG is also focusing on upgrading AI prescription map service for crop spraying in China to minimise pesticide misuse and overuse.

XAG P40 and P80, the two new models of XAG’s P Series agricultural drone, have been designed to conduct flexible unmanned operations in different kinds of farming scenarios.

Featuring the SuperX4 intelligent control system, the new P Series drone is capable of toggling between three different payloads systems such as XAG RealTerra, RevoSpray, and RevoCast.

A farmer can use a mobile app to operate the new XAG P Series to gather field maps in high-definition, dispense seeds, and spray fertilisers and pesticides. The XAG P40 agricultural drone is more suitable for smallholder farms, while the XAG P80 agricultural drone is suitable for users to serve a larger field area.

The company has launched two new editions of the XAG R150 unmanned ground vehicle. They are suitable for large-scale broadcast and precision mowing.

Claimed to be the world’s first mass-produced agricultural robots, the XAG R150’s can be used for crop spraying, on-farm transport, and field monitoring.

XAG V40 is said to be the industry’s first dual-rotor agricultural drone, which uses downdraft to allow spray particles penetrate the leaves and plants more efficiently.

Designed to support the RealTerra, RevoSpray, and RevoCast systems, XAG V40 allows users to depend on one single device to produce HD field maps, conduct direct seeding, or control crop diseases with less resources.

The company has also introduced prescription map technology in agriculture. XAG RealTerra is the payload system that facilitates the application of prescription map solution on seeding, fertilisation, and crop protection. It also supports the new P Series and V Series by offering aerial mapping for HD digital farm images.

XAG co-founder Justin Gong said: “In the face of these challenges, we need to leverage the power of agri-tech to reshape the agriculture and food system, bridging the rural digital divide and helping farmers yield a higher profit margin of producing crops.”

In May this year, XAG launched a new drone for rice seeding, to mitigate the shortage of labour in agriculture.