Yield10 is evaluating C4001 to improve seed yield in corn in a program started in early 2019


Image: Yield10 has announced notice of allowance for US patent of C4001crop yield trait. Photo: courtesy of Free-Photos from Pixabay.

Agricultural bioscience company Yield10 Bioscience has announced a notice of allowance from the US Patent and Trademark Office for its crop yield trait, C4001.

The notice of allowance enables the US patent to cover the use of C4001 to improve productivity in crops.

The patent application depicts the C4001 yield trait, which is based on the discovery of innovative transcription factor genes in plants where an increase in the productivity of photosynthesis results in significant increases in biomass yield and stress tolerance.

During the second quarter of this year, the company also secured a patent on C4001 from the China National Intellectual Property Administration.

C4001 is being assessed to enhance seed yield in corn

Yield10 is assessing C4001 to enhance seed yield in corn in a programme started in early this year, and to enhance biomass yield in forage sorghum via research licence signed in 2018 with Forage Genetics International.

Yield10 president and CEO Dr Oliver Peoples said: “Our C4001 yield trait represents a promising target for improving biomass yield in certain commercial food and feed crops.

“We initially identified and characterized the activity of C4001 using switchgrass as a model crop. Currently, C4001 is being evaluated as a strategy to increase productivity and stress tolerance in corn and forage sorghum, where improvements to the crops could provide an important production benefit to growers.”

Earlier this month, Yield10 Bioscience has secured a patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office for its crop yield trait, C3003.

Yield10 applies its Trait Factory for the development of high-value seed traits, which can be used in the agriculture and food industries.

Yield10 is involved in the development of high value seed traits for the agriculture and food industries. It currently has 21 patents and pending patent applications on discoveries related to new technologies that improve crop productivity and performance.