Anuvia has partnered with ATP Nutrition-Canada for sales and service of the new bio-based fertiliser in the country


Anuvia introduces new SymTRX10S fertilizer for farmers in Canada. (Credit: kangbch from Pixabay.)

US-based plant nutrients supplier Anuvia Plant Nutrients has launched its new SymTRX10S bio-based fertiliser for Canadian farmers.

The fertiliser uses advanced technology to increase crop yield, improves soil health as well as lessens the environmental impact.

Anuvia has partnered with ATP Nutrition-Canada for sales and service of the new SymTRX10S in the country.

Anuvia chief commercial officer Hugh MacGillivray said: “Anuvia’s SymTRX10S provides farmers a sustainable high-efficiency plant nutrient product that returns up to 15% organic matter to the soil to feed the soil microbiome and improve soil health.

“SymTRX10S is plug and play, requiring no changes in current handling practices. It can be used alone or be integrated into traditional fertilizer blends.”

SymTRX10S returns organic matter to the soil

Utilising Anuvia’s proprietary technology, the new fertiliser reclaims, converts and repurposes organic materials, converting them into high performance, sustainable fertilisers.

The fertiliser also helps in returning organic matter to the soil and thereby feeding the soil microbes.

According to Anuvia, the bio-based SymTRX returns 15% organic matter back to the soil that helps to promote a healthy soil microbiome which could enhance soil health.

Made by reclaiming organic materials, SymTRX is said to reduce environmental impact by reducing nutrient loss through leaching and volatilisation and decreasing the greenhouse gases on the acre by up to 32%.

The dry-granular product, which blends easily with other fertilisers, is made to fit with farmers’ current practices or equipment without any changes.

Recently, Anuvia has announced the roll out of GreenTRX product lineup of fertilisers in the US.