Spowdi Smart Farming is a futuristic and sustainable solution for small-farmer community


Image: SPOWDI has launched sustainable Smart Farming in India. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire India.

Sweden-based SPOWDI (Solar Powered Water distribution), along with EMMVEE, has launched a smart farming solution in India.

Spowdi Smart Farming is an innovative and sustainable solution designed to offer futuristic and an advanced smart farm for a small-farmer community to save water.

Jain Irrigation has entered into an MoU with SPOWDI for a smart farming solution to save water. The deal is in line with India’s, Make in India policy and improve the relationship between Sweden and India in the renewable energy sector.

Jain irrigation senior vice president Anil Kumar Kataria said: “We at Jain irrigation support SPOWDI Smart Farming as it is in line with our mission “To Leave the Planet better than we found it.”

Spowdi smart farm will help the small-farmer community to save water

SPOWDI smart farm was designed in partnership with SHL Medical, Jain Irrigation, Emmvee Solar systems, and Team Sweden to demonstrate how sustainable solutions will help the small-farmer community to save water.

Smart Farms, which will display the future food production in a sustainable way, are globally situated across Bangalore of India, Uppsala of Sweden and Malaga of Spain.

Also, the plans are underway to place Smart Farms in New York, California and Florida of the US.

SPOWDI CEO Henrik Johansson said: “India is a growing nation and has a vast contribution to the renewable energy sector with as much as 107.22 Billion units in 2019.

“This initiative has enabled us to set a benchmark for sustainable measures and contribute for a future-proofed green planet. As we ink this MoU, we want to encourage farmers to adopt this technique, especially in India where 500 million people rely on agriculture for their livelihood.”

SPOWDI is involved in the development of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions to improve the living conditions of people across the globe.

Based in Jalgaon of India, Jain Irrigation Systems is a multinational conglomerate organisation that sells diversified products such as drip and sprinkler irrigation systems and its components.

It processes dehydrated vegetables, spices, concentrated and frozen fruits or pulp, as well as offers turnkey projects and agronomical support services.