The combination of ADAMA and TAU is expected to bridge both industry and academia in training research students to develop new crop protection solutions


ADAMA Agricultural Solutions office in Israel’s Tel Aviv. (Credit:

Israeli agribusiness ADAMA has collaborated with Tel Aviv University (TAU) to launch a new research and teaching programme on agriculture and crop protection.

The new study programme will be taught at the ADAMA Center for Novel Crop Protection Delivery Systems at Tel Aviv University.

ADAMA and TAU aim to combine the worlds of industry and academia and train research students in chemistry, life sciences and engineering in delivering and formulating active crop protection substances, a field which is touted to be need of more experts.

Students in the programme will be supported by ADAMA research staff

ADAMA said that it will invest in a world-class research laboratory which will be established in School of Chemistry, where the program’s research and experiments will be conducted. Students will also be given access to ADAMA’s laboratories to conduct experiments. The company’s research team will offer practical training to the students.

ADAMA president and CEO Chen Lichtenstein said: “ADAMA recognizes that its success in the competitive global market relies on research and development capabilities as a driver of strategic growth.

“The international delivery and formulation research centre we are inaugurating at Tel Aviv University will enable us to together train the finest researchers in the field, thus preparing them to join the ranks of the agrochemical industry for the benefit of the development of groundbreaking products that deliver a response to the challenges currently facing world agriculture.”

According to ADAMA, the initiative is also connected with its vision to develop next-generation crop protection formulations.

The new products are expected to bring more efficacy in controlling crop diseases, fighting resistances and in enhancing farm yield and increasing food supply, while using less crop protection active ingredients and, thus reducing their environmental footprint.

TAU ADAMA Center for Innovative Crop Protection Solutions head Prof. Roey Amir said: “In the past few years there has been a demand for the development of smart agriculture, which will help minimise quantities of crop protection substances while enhancing their efficacy through novel delivery systems, similar to what is currently taking place in biomedical research.

“Establishment of the Center will enable us to work, together with ADAMA, on training the future generation of scientists who will lead the field in Israel and worldwide.”