The partnership will result in AgJunction introducing its autosteering solutions to members of FBN


Image: AgJunction and FBN form partnership. Photo: Courtesy of Franz W./Pixabay

AgJunction has formed a two-year strategic partnership with Farmer’s Business Network (FBN) to list its autosteering solutions directly on the FBN platform.

Farmer’s Business Network is an independent farmer-to-farmer network, where nearly 9,000 members use a comprehensive agriculture data and price sharing platform to better understand the current state of the market and improve their farm’s financial performance.

AgJunction also serves farmers by eliminating the need for them to visit a dealer to buy seeds or chemicals, by offering such products directly on its e-commerce platform, bringing significant cost advantage for end-users.

Through the partnership, AgJuction will introduce its Wheelman autosteering solutions to almost all of FBN members through several channels within the network’s framework.

AgJunction will sell its Wheelman Pro and Flex products to FBN members directly

The Wheelman Pro and Flex, which are currently sold directly to farmers on, will now be available on the Marketplace section of FBN’s platform.

The partnership will also enable AgJuction to participate in FBN’s community outreach events held in local ag communities.

AgJunction marketing senior director Shannon Diem said: “AgJunction and FBN synergistically align with each other as both companies look to disrupt the agriculture industry through unique business models driven by innovative technology and cost-effective pricing strategies.

“Our goal is to bring our core autosteering technologies to all farmers, especially those farming on 1,000 acres or less, through our Wheelman products. The partnership with FBN builds on that mission and further expands our reach to farmers who will be able to purchase our products through FBN’s Marketplace channel.

“We believe these farmers can significantly benefit from our affordable, easy-to-use Wheelman products, which reduce input costs, increase farming efficiencies and bolster crop yield.”

Farmer’s Business Network co-founder Charles Baron said: “AgJunction has been a pioneer in making autosteering easy-to-use, cost effective and more widely accessible for farms of all types. We’re excited to bring Wheelman products directly to our members to upgrade their machinery productivity.”

FBN is a network, built by and for farmers. Its members receive comprehensive farm benchmarking, real-world seed performance, input optimisation and pricing analytics based on more than 220 million acre events of real-world precision agronomic data.

The FBN Direct e-commerce platform offers national, transparent pricing on ag chemicals, fertilisers, seeds, technology and services.