Cedar Valley Farms will use Violet Gro's LED grow lights at its 1,500ft² facility

Violet Gro

Cedar Valley Farms has selected Violet Gro’s lights for greenhouse operations. (Credit: PRNewswire / Violet Gro)

Cedar Valley Farms has selected Colorado-based agricultural lighting company Violet Gro’s LED grow lights for its greenhouse operations.

Cedar Valley Farms is said to hold one of the 198 hemp production licenses for the 2020 growing season in the state of Ohio.

Cedar Valley Farms CEO Shawn Cutter said: “In a few weeks, Cedar Valley Farms’ hemp crops will be coming to life. Our plan is to infuse technology into agriculture in pretty unbelievable ways, and we look forward to utilising Violet Gro’s patented technology to do our part to build and support the hemp industry.”

Cedar Valley will use Violet Gro’s LED grow lights as their primary light source for their greenhouse operations, which comprise of 1,500ft² facility.

Cedar also plans to take the support of Violet Gro for an expanded 300,000ft² grow facility

Cedar Valley Farms is also planning to use Violet Gro’s lights for an expanded 300,000ft² grow facility.

Violet Gro has applied the patented technology in combination with an advanced designed to produce energy-efficient agricultural lights, which can operate at low temperatures, enabling to save more energy than traditional lighting solutions.

Violet Gro business development global head and president Kurt Kucera said: “At Violet Gro, we strive to partner with market-disrupting, innovative companies that are looking to grow together.

“Cedar Valley Farms is that type of company, with great vision to expand not only domestically and globally but also the drive to achieve the highest performance in their facilities, as well as consistent quality of product for their clients,”

In April, Netafim USA, a subsidiary of Netafim, has launched PioneerLine, a new dripline which is hailed as the first dripline specifically designed for use in hemp growing.