Developed using Netafim’sReGen Technology, PioneerLine offers hemp growers the ability to deliver uniform and precise applications of water and nutrients


Netafim launches new dripper for hemp growers. (Credit: Pixabay/Herbal Hemp.)

Netafim USA, a subsidiary of Netafim, has launched PioneerLine, a new dripline which is hailed as the first dripline specifically designed for use in hemp growing.

Netafim stated that its new product PioneerLine will address the growing demand for precision irrigation solution for hemp growing.

According to the company, the PioneerLine was made with its ReGen sustainable technology that uses material from recycled driplines. 

The product is available in two variants. The first is the pressure-compensating PioneerLine PC (15 MIL) and the second is the non-pressure compensating PioneerLine X dripline (8 and 10 MIL). 

Specifically designed to meet the needs of hemp growers, PioneerLine includes key features such as multiple flow options enabling growers to precisely match irrigation and fertigation to the plant’s needs, increasing vigour, quality and yield of the plants. 

Precise water and nutrient supply from the dripper can result in higher yields

Each plant will receive a consistent and the same amount of water nutrients due to the precision production of injection moulded drippers. Precise delivery of water and nutrients will result in consistency and higher yields. 

The tough and seamless extrusion of the dripper line offers maximum protection against damages during installation. Low filtration also ensures a high level of plugging resistance during the growing season. 

Netafim USA market segment leader Chuck Bates said: “Whether you are growing for fibre, seed, or CBD oil, hemp has unique demands for nutrients and water. The precision control provided by drip irrigation is ideal for maintaining optimal growing conditions. 

“We created PioneerLine due to hemp grower feedback indicating the need for an irrigation solution that provides precision control, reliability, and supply chain sustainability. As a pioneer of drip irrigation, we understand the challenges of pioneering a new crop.”

Last month, Netafim had partnered with FluroSat, a remote field sensing and analytics company. The partnership will result in integrating FluroSat’s data into Netafim’s automated irrigation and fertigation cloud-based platform, NetBeat.

The combination of FluroSat’s remote sensing and plant metrics with Netafirm’sNetBeat is expected to make easier, precise and more reliable irrigation, fertigation and crop management decisions.