CPI will use the new facility to supply its existing liquid fertiliser plants across its trade territory, Gavilon will use it to serve the wholesale industry


Layout of the new liquid fertiliser facility. (Credit: Cooperative Producers, Inc.)

Cooperative Producers (CPI) has partnered with Gavilon Fertilizer to build a new liquid fertiliser plant in Hastings, Nebraska.

To be located next to CPI’s current dry fertiliser plant, the liquid fertiliser plant is expected to begin full service operation by the spring of 2021.

Construction on the facility could begin within next month and is targeted for completion by next March.

The facility will have a capacity to house more than 65,000 tonnes of liquid fertiliser and 525,000 gallons of bulk chemical.

It will include six dedicated truck loading bays, 24/7 unmanned automated loading capabilities for bulk NPK, liquid blends & chemical blends, along with quick loading speeds to significantly reduce wait times.

CPI will use the facility to load their sprayers and to supply existing liquid fertiliser plants across their trade territory.

Cooperative Producers agronomy vice president Laremy Seelow said: “CPI is grateful for the support of our Board and patrons. We look forward to continuing to serve the needs of area customers for years to come.

“This new liquid plant, in conjunction with the dry fertilizer plant, places CPI at the forefront of facility technology.”

Gavilon will broaden its product offerings with the new facility

Gavilon Fertilizer plans to use the new facility to continue its commitment to offer high levels of services to the wholesale industry and to broaden its product offerings.

Gavilon Fertilizer regional vice president Jason Florell said: “We are excited to partner with CPI on this facility and to be part of an expansion of liquid fertilizer services to support our customer base in their efforts to supply and service the farmers in central Nebraska.

“As a wholesale distributor of fertilizer, we can bring efficiencies within the transportation, supply, and distribution channels of liquid fertilizer products to support the needs of the local ag industry.”

Last month, CPI completed rebuilding its dry fertilizer plant in Hastings. The plant has 42,000 tonnes of storage space.