The production site in Rushville has been leased to prepare for the corn harvest in this fall


Cormo USA has signed a lease agreement for its first production site for corn in Rushville. (Credit: Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay)

Sustainable Projects Group portfolio company Cormo USA has entered into a lease agreement for its first production site for corn in Rushville, Indiana.

Claimed to be the Cormo’s first facility outside of Europe, the production site has been leased as part of its preparation for the corn harvest in this fall. The 108,000ft² Rushville facility includes a manufacturing hall and office space.

The company has completed its first recruitment of employees from the local community to assist with corn stover sourcing.

Cormo is also planning to continue enhancements, as well as intends to increase local hires within early summer to make ready for equipment installation before the forthcoming harvest season.

Cormo aims to break ground on the 20-acre facility during this spring

The inaugural US production plant is expected to offer Cormo USA with the required conditions to assemble its first commercial-scale plant, while simultaneously completing the planning stage for its advanced facility in the Rushville Commerce Park.

The company is planning to break ground on the 20-acre facility during the spring of this year.

Sustainable Projects Group CEO Stefan Muehlbauer said: “Securing this lease agreement on behalf of our largest portfolio company is integral to helping Cormo produce its first commercially available products within the United States.

“At the same time, this giant step forward for Cormo validates SPGX’s ability to successfully migrate innovative European businesses to the U.S. even while the COVID-19 pandemic has made cross-border travel impossible.”

Cormo USA, a joint venture between Switzerland-based Cormo and Sustainable Projects Group, has expertise in the recycling of corn harvest field waste into sustainable and value-added products such as peat moss substitutes and superabsorbents used in filtration, packaging, and building industries.

In April, Golden Harvest announced that it is expanding its product portfolio with the introduction of new corn hybrids and soybean varieties for 2021 growing season.