Future FinTech in co-operation with Chifeng will develop the new blockchain contract farming platform with a focus on sheep farming

Future FinTech

Image: Future FinTech and Chifeng to develop blockchain sheep farming platform. Photo: Courtesy of Free-Photos/Pixabay

Future FinTech Group has partnered with Chifeng Supply and Marketing E-commerce to develop a blockchain contract farming platform with focus on sheep farming in China.

Contract farming is a sales arrangement of certain agriculture products between a customer and a farmer before production begins and it establishes conditions for production and markets for farm products.

Contract farming can connect consumers and farmers directly, offering farmers and assured market and will also benefit consumers with higher food quality and safety. The first phase of the blockchain contract farming platform will focus on sheep farming in Chifeng.

Future FinTech has agreed to use its technology to develop and provide a real-name blockchain platform for contract sheep farming.

Chifeng Supply and Marketing Company will consolidate local farmers and resources to transform them into standard sheep farming.

The blockchain platform to help track the overall sheep farming process

Future FinTech said that the blockchain contract farming platform will be carried out by a real-name farmer and will be recorded on the blockchain. Consumers will be able to track the whole standard sheep farming process.

Future Fintech CEO and chairman Yongke Xue said: “We are glad to cooperate with Chifeng Supply and Marketing Company to develop the blockchain contract farming platform. It is our first project in the agriculture industry and we believe this blockchain contract farming model has great market potential. We look forward to making the sheep farming project a success.”

In August 2018, Future FinTech, through its Hedetang brand called Xian Mei Duo, had launched a range of natural and nutritious product that could help people in weight control.

The product is based on an ancient recipe of China, where kiwifruit or mulberry is used as main ingredients. The ingredients are roasted at a low temperature with oat, semen cassia, lotus leaves and white beans.

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