The acquisition helps Gowan expand its global fungicide portfolio


Gowan Crop Protection agrees to acquire active ingredients Fenamidone and Pencycuron from Bayer

Gowan Crop Protection has bought the rights of two fungicides, Fenamidone and Pencycuron, from Bayer.

The financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

Gowan acquired product registrations and trademarks, including Consento, Reason, Monceren and Prestige, as well as related intellectual property and labels of the two active ingredients.

Gowan said that it will work with Bayer over the coming months to facilitate an orderly hand-off and maintain better customer service across all geographies.


Pencycuron and Fenamidone fungicides help combat diseases in plants

A foliar and seed treatment product, Pencycuron helps to control diseases originating from Rhizoctania solani in different crops such as cotton, rice, turf and vegetables.

This seed treatment product is available in various countries such as Japan, Brazil, India, Russia, etc.

Fenamidone helps to combat diseases originating from water moulds or the oomycetes class of fungi. It controls downy mildew, late blight and early blight problems on vegetables, grapes, and ornamentals.

Fenamidone is sold in the US, Mexico, India, Russia, and Brazil.

The acquisition of the new fungicides helps Gowan to expand its global fungicides portfolio.

Based in Yuma of Arizona, Gowan develops and markets crop protection products, seeds, and fertilisers.

In October this year, Bayer and Arvinas concluded the terms of their agreement to launch a targeted protein degradation joint venture (JV), Oerth Bio.

Oerth Bio is a new company set up to leverage Arvinas’ expertise in targeted protein degradation, as well as Bayer’s experience in the development of both human therapies and sustainable agricultural technologies.

In November, agricultural machinery provider CLAAS has collaborated with Bayer’s digital farming arm The Climate to expand the use of ClimateFieldView digital farming platform in Europe and other regions.